Treasure's of Nature

Uncover The Hidden Wonders Of Nature

Welcome To Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the exciting and educational ‘Treasures of Nature’ event! We have the unique opportunity to explore and discover the diverse and wondrous elements that nature has to offer. As we embark on a journey through the great outdoors, we will collect a variety of treasures and bring them back to share with our fellow participants. Our knowledgeable team members will then provide insightful information about each treasure, including its origins, benefits and potential hazards. In addition to learning about the wonders of nature, we will also have fun and engaging activities to enjoy. So, get ready to explore, learn and have a great time at ‘Treasures of Nature’!



  • Nature Scavenger Hunt
  • Circle of Sharing
  • Storytelling Session
  • Refreshments And Snacks


Nature scavenger hunt

Participants are divided into small groups and given a time of 1 hour to find various items and collect during the trek. They can collect items like leaves, flowers, berries, rocks or anything that looks, feels, smells interesting and new to them.

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